How to Stay Warm and Stylish in Winter (2021)

Modern Vintage Chicago – In Winter, There many best ways you can stay warm but also to have a dress and style that look so cute and cool.

Do you have very cold and snowy winters? Or are you cold-blooded and can’t seem to stay warm even when you’re at home? Girl, this post is for you!

Sometimes it’s easier to reach for the biggest, fuzzier sweatshirt from the closet side. But that leaves you offended!

This post will show you a simple method and strategies for how to dress both warm and cute in winter.

Do you want to know what kind of clothes you should wear to make you look warm and stylish.

Here are the tips..

Tips On : How to Stay Warm and Stylish in Winter

1. Use Head Wear Or Berets to keeping your head warm.

head wear to keep your head warms

2. Use Cardigans : To Keeping your body warms.

By Using Cardigan we can make our bodies keep warm

3. Use SCARVES To keep your neck warms.

wear scarves to keep your neck warms

4. Use GLOVES To keep your hands warms.

Wear gloves to make our hands keep warm

5. Use Outwear like coat or capes with good material.

Good Outwear can make you look stylish and cute

6. Give Some layer to your dress

Use good layers to make your fashion style look astonish

7. And last, Use socks and shoes to keep your feet warms and protected.

don’t forget to use socks and shoes to keep your feet protected and warm

I thought I had a lot to say before I started writing. Then as I researched a little more my excitement only added to the inflatable status.

This is one of those messages my husband overheard me chatting because I couldn’t just keep it to myself while writing it!

So let’s get started!

First up: The simple key to dressing warm yet stylish in winter is layering.

But the tricky part with layering isn’t looking bulky and #amiright ?!

Or, maybe you feel like every hot room you own is a little frumpy?

To help you, here is the order of events:

First, I’ll cover two lists that will show you what to have in your closet:
Winter essentials for moms (with examples of trending pieces from Amazon)
The 10 warmest fabrics for winter
Next, we’ll go into how to dress cute in layers (without looking bulky) with some of my top tips for dressing warm and cute in winter.

And finally, I’ll show you my favorite Top 10 layered winter outfit ideas (yeah, with pictures!)

Warm and stylish winter outfits come together quite effortlessly when you have at good pieces.

This list of winter wardrobe basics is geared towards stay-at-home moms who need casual / cozy yet chic options for layering. If you also work outside the home, check out my all-year-round business capsule wardrobe which includes a few casual business pieces for the cold. The key with business casual is the same though … getting chunks in warm fabrics and layer, layer, layer! This is what you will learn how to do in this post.

Below each wardrobe section, I include a few of my personal Amazon picks both to give you shopping options and also to help you visualize what a trendy, stylish version of the pieces looks like. . (Items marked with an asterisk * are included in the All Year Moms Wardrobe Plan.)


  • Neutral long sleeve tees
    • Classic striped shirt with long sleeves
    • Neutral checkered top
    • Color Plaid Top
    • Neutral slouchy sweater
    • Color sweater
    • Neutral tunic sweater


  • Dark Wash Jeans
    • Slim Fit athletic pants
    • Light wash jeans
    • Neutral jeans
    • Olive or burgundy pants
      Neutral chunky knit dress or sweater

Complete parts:

  • Cute sweatshirt / hoodie (I love Mindy Mae’s Market sweatshirts).
  • Neutral chunky warm cardigan (long)
  • Accent color cardigan
  • Quilted or puffer vest
  • Long warm coat (wool overcoat, puffer coat, parka)
  • Denim jacket
  • Leather or motorcycle jacket


  • Lace-up sneakers
  • Riding boots and / or over-the-knee boots
  • Boots
  • Duck Boots (aka Snow Boots)
  • Cute slippers at home

Bonus tips for shoes

Suede is nice but not very practical for rainy or snowy weather. Leather or rubber boots are more durable against the elements. Make sure to seal your genuine leather to protect it.
The most versatile ankle boots end just above your ankle bone. The bigger ones are trickier to wear with skinny pants (but I’ll show you how later). Boot cut pants can be worn over any boot height.
Get boots with a 1-2 inch block heel. The block style prevents twisted ankles while helping to keep your feet dry in the rain and snow.


Thermal Top (That’s super important! A good quality thin thermal will keep you warm without looking bulky in too many layers!)
Thermal pants or fleece lined leggings (also super important!)
* Heavy knit scarf
* Print scarf / winter pattern
* Checkered scarf (blanket scarf or infinity scarf)
* Cute knit hat (like a CC hat)
Tech-friendly gloves (allow you to use your phone without removing your gloves!)
*Wool socks
* Leggings
* Minimalist necklace
* Statement necklace
* Minimalist earrings
* Statement earrings

The key to staying warm and stylish in winter is layering.

This is also the key to handling the fluctuating temperatures quadrillion moms face in any 24 hour period.

My husband often comes home to find a cardigan, jacket, and / or scarf sprawling across the kitchen chair. They tell the story of the thrill of a day with children in winter. #punintended

A couple of awesome things about the overlay …

It is convenient. Layering lets you use pieces in your wardrobe that you usually only use in the warmer seasons. It also allows you to easily switch to a cooler outfit when you’re on the go with the kids and in and out of cars and buildings.
It’s elegant. I mean, one of the tips you’ll always read if you’re looking for ways to be stylish? To overlay. So rest assured, layering isn’t just practical, it actually makes you look like a super chic mom.

I’ve put together this visual guide to demonstrate how to layer for winter on trend and without looking bulky.

Below the table I have written the explanation of the layers.

Ok, now on the board. Skip a few layers if your winters aren’t extreme!

Diapers you would wear while you are at home:

Base coat (optional):

Thermal or fleece lined leggings or tights
Wool socks

1st main dress layer: Top (long-sleeved T-shirt, collar shirt) + pants or sweater dress

If layering a warm sweater dress for cold weather, just skip the 2nd main outfit layer below and add the “pull out layers” instead. If you are using a slimmer dress, you can layer cardigan with the 2nd hand layer outfit below.

2nd Hand Outfit Layer: Pullover sweater or cute sweatshirt (except layering for a dress) OR Comfortable / Light jacket (Denim, Sherpa, Fleece) OR Cardigan

If you wear a collared shirt, use a sweater with a team or a v-neckline. Otherwise, a turtleneck is the warmest. If turtlenecks make you feel like you’re choking, use a scarf instead to add warmth to the neck when you go out.
Layers you would add when outputting:

1st outer layer (optional): Vest

Go over your cardigan, jacket or sweatshirt. Yes, it’s a trendy thing to do!

2nd outer layer: Overcoat (classic wool coat, Puffer coat, parka) or heavy jacket (Puffer jacket, leather / suede jacket)

Finishing & Decorative Layer: Shoes + Jewelry + Bag + Scarf + Hat + Gloves

  • Wear wool socks with your boots (SmartWool or merino wool do not itch). (see the image for how to wear them with ankle boots)
  • Wear tights, leggings or thermals under pants. There are fleece lined leggings and fleece lined tights available! (I’ve linked some in the Amazon shopping boxes under Accessories in the Winter Essentials section above.)
  • Use turtlenecks at home for the most comfortable warmth (or create one with a soft, cable-knitted infinity-knit scarf).
  • Wear shoes with a slim profile and a slightly pointed toe (vs. square or rounded toe) to avoid looking too bulky.
  • Wear jeans with a blend of cotton and synthetics (not 100% cotton). If you are shopping for warm pants, check the materials! Or use # 2 above to make any pants warmer.
  • For athletic outfits, instead of leggings opt for thicker ponte knit pants. They are just as stretchy but much warmer!
  • Buy accessories like scarves, hats and gloves / mittens in neutral instead of color. This way they easily look chic added to any outfit and you don’t end up looking mismatched and awkward.
  • To avoid looking too bulky in a heavy parka or coat:
  • Get one that is mounted (possibly sizing down) and comes to the waist instead of flaring.
  • Get a coat with a belt at the waist to add definition.
  • You can also counteract the bulky (often necessary) on top with slim knee-high or over-the-knee boots that have slightly pointed toes.
  • Get coats / parkas in black or navy rather than light colors to look slimmer. Also wear dark jeans or black pants on the bottom and black boots to lengthen your frame. If you want to add color, you can do so with a scarf or statement earrings.
  • OR, instead of trying to feel slim in a chunky parka, consider using one of your thinner coats and layer underneath with a super warm fleece or sherpa jacket.

Realistic thinking, winter and style are pretty much sworn enemies. You choose the warmth or the style. Honestly, rarely does anyone look good in winter except those fashion bloggers who don’t seem to be affected by the weather. It’s hard to look chic when you’re freezing your ass off or when you’re marshmallow-up in a plush parka twice your size. Overall, being stylish is next to impossible, especially when you live in a country that is 60% winter (* ahem Canada). But I am here to tell you that there is hope! You can look stylish even in the middle of -20 degrees of weather! Here are some tips that will help you stay warm and stylish this winter 🙂

  1. Turtlenecks.

Turtlenecks are back! Are they already gone? I’m not sure, I always thought they were cool …? In cold weather, double down on the turtlenecks. Wear a tight, slim turtleneck under a bulkier and chunkier turtleneck.

  1. Thermal tights.

As with thinner turtlenecks, thermal tights fit under your outfit and won’t be seen. But they’re essential in keeping you warm, especially if you’ll be outdoors for long periods of time.

  1. Long socks.

This is the key to staying warm. You can either show them off if they’re long enough or tuck them under your tall boots. Even if you don’t wear warm boots, you can double over long socks to stay warm.

  1. Tall boots.

This is another element that will really affect your look. Beautiful fitted high boots can keep your shape in winter. Look for boots that hit just below the knees and fit snugly around the calves. It will help you look less bulky.

  1. Scarves.

Ask anyone who knows me in real life. I LOVE SCARVES. I have 2 sections of my closet dedicated to scarves. My mom started collecting scarves when she was in college and the collection grew for 20 years. Scarves in my opinion are the ultimate key to staying warm and looking sophisticated in winter. It adds colors, patterns and textures to any dull winter outfit. And let’s be honest, without scarves and hats, everyone is going to look alike in their big coats.

  1. Hats.

Hats of any kind will help keep your head warm. Berets, felt hats, knitwear are all great options. One of my personal favorites, which I’m not sure even counts as a hat, but it fits over your head though … I guess it does? Shells! Earmuffs are so important for when you walk around town, especially given the wind blowing effect on downtown streets. You will want to protect your ears from the freezing cold.

  1. Mittens.

Do you like cold hands? I hate cold hands. No one wants to shake the hand that looks like an ice cube. If you are heading to a meeting, please wear gloves so that you will not mark the person in your meeting forever.

  1. Nice jacket.

It is preferably wool or faux fur (cuz the age of real fur is long gone), lined for extra warmth. It fits you perfectly, especially around the shoulders to avoid looking boxy or too bulky. It is longer and hits somewhere between the middle of the thigh to just below the knees or if you want to go tall, the coat hits your ankles (the larger the coat, the warmer you will be).

Teddy bear coats and puffer jackets are also huge this winter and are literally the hottest things ever. But beware, your friends will be tempted to pat your teddy bear coat every time they see you. Hands free. Please.

  1. Diapers.

Honestly, don’t forget to layer. You have your basic outfit. Add a 3-step process to your routine before you leave your home. 1. Scarf. 2. Hat. 3. Mittens. Don’t leave the house without these three things. THIS IS ESSENTIAL TO YOUR WINTER SURVIVAL.

The key here is really to layer. Layer under or on top, or both for maximum impact. You’ll look so chic this winter, and not at the expense of the heat. Get the overlay <3

Is it possible to look chic and be hot?

For some exent, the answer is yes – it is possible to stay chic and warm at the same time, all thanks to a few ingenious style hacks. I live in a cold climate, and understand what it means to sacrifice good clothing in order to avoid frostbite. Yes, sometimes it has to happen. So these cold weather style hacks are for looking chic and staying warm – going in and out of doors for weekend activities, brunches, and errands, or heading to meetings, events, and work when it’s chilly outside. . For lots of visual examples, as well as 5 looks I “wintered”, check out the video!

I’ve broken them down into three easy outfit building steps. Here they are!

Step 1: Base coats

Dressing for the cold is all about your diapers. Contrary to popular belief, however, large, comfortable diapers don’t equal warmth.

Base layers should be thin and snug, to trap warm air closer to your body. Ideally, these diapers are made from a natural breathable fiber like merino wool. Icebreaker makes my favorite base layers. I wear them while running and under all my clothes during the winter. Ice Breaker is also incredibly aware of their environmental impact and sustainability sourcing.

The secondary layers should also be thin and tight. This continues to trap heat close to the body. Then you can add a bulkier third layer (bring over the chunky sweater!)

Silk base layers are also a great source of warmth without adding bulk, as is the combination of a bodysuit and tights.

Try adding color and print to your base layers to create a more interesting look if you like bolder outfits.

Step 2: Styling Hacks

. After the base coats. Now it’s time to put on your outfit and use style hacks to make your outfit chic. Here are some style hacks that I keep in mind in cold weather:

  • fully hidden in light to medium shirts and sweaters. The closer the fabric is to the body, the warmer you are!
  • center tucking chunky sweaters into my pants to create some shape vs loose
  • choose heavier belts to balance the volume in large sweaters. I find thin belts look awkward when paired with bulk.
  • wear over the knee boots under pants and wider skirts for added layer and chic texture.
  • mix styles of clothing to create an interesting look. For example, a chunky sweater with stylish tailored pants.
  • addition of texture via leathers, patented, heavy fabrics or faux fur.
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    step 3: Add and accessorize

Accessorizing in winter is very different from accessorizing in summer and spring. Here are a few ways that I add to and accessorize my cold weather outfits to stay chic.

  • swap dangly earrings for statement studs to avoid getting caught in bulky turtlenecks and scarves.
  • roll up the sleeves and show off those base layers!
  • tuck your pants into your boots instead of handcuffing them for extra warmth and a polished look.
  • swap normal slippers or awkward winter boots for a style / winter boot combination. Uggs, Aquatalia, and La Canadienne all do great things to stay warm and chic.
  • add socks to not only keep you warm, but super chic when they are in a complementary color or print to your outfit. Wear your socks while glancing over your boots for a soft chalet chic look!
  • as well as mittens and hats, a blanket scarf has additional use because it can be worn as a shawl both over your coat (a very chic look!) As well as over your outfit if you are out there. inside and still cold.

Here are some cold weather staples that I found online that can keep you warm and chic! And below, I’ve created a little graphic for you to pin and save these tips for when you need them 😉 Thanks so much for reading!

how to keep warm and stylish in winter stay fashionable be dress best ways outside

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